Friday, November 23, 2012

Holy hell, sorry y'all...been busy.

Man, it's been a bit since I've posted. I blame work, life, & Instagram. But it was beautiful out today so I had to go ride.
Been slowly making some progress on the '71, the neck was all ghetto so I've been adding,welding&grinding away.
Looks way better, still not done yet. My good friend Justin from Canada sent me a bolt on he knew I needed(Thanks brother!). I'm keeping the budget for this build as low as possible with as many friend bought/donated parts as possible. I still need a solo seat and p-pad & some bars if anyone has something they think would work.
Works been good, it's nice I get to work on a variety of bikes. But I tell ya this ethanol shit has got to go! It's fucking hell on carbs and small engines in general. Shit turns to snot after only a few weeks of sitting, clogs jets, eats gaskets/o-rings, it's horrible. Anyway, I'll try to keep more up to date. Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend!

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