Monday, July 30, 2012

You meet the nicest people....

On a Honda. Ha! This is my 1976(Same year I was born) Honda CB500T. Bone stock. It's been in storage since I moved to Alabama from Virginia. I felt bad for it...when I worked for Honda it was a daily rider for it's been sitting & getting dusty. So I've decided to sell it. I pulled it out of the shed, put in a new battery, changed the oil & plugs, cleaned the carbs. It fired right up....still some hesitation at wide open throttle but I know there is still some varnish from bad gas still in the fuel pathways in the carbs. It is absolutely NOT a chopper....not even a little bit. But it's got it's own thing going. Honda only made these in '75-'76, so you don't see many of them around. I actually have a '75 parts bike to go with it.  Anyway, if anyone knows someone who want's a fun Cafe' style bike, hit me up. My email is the bike is located in Montgomery, AL.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Garco's Smokeout/Bornfree Shovel.

Since it's been shown complete now...I guess I can share the pics I took a few months back. Larry originally built this bike for last years SmokeOut, it had a few issues(something to do with the oil pump I believe)but was still an excellent Bama' chop. Well, he decided to rebuild and repaint it...& now it's a completely different bike. The blue looks sooooo much better than the dogfood brown. I'm honored that he ended up using a Miller headlight that I gave him in the final build. Look close at some of the details...the hours of moulding...the hand engraved rockers and nose cone. I love the wizard w/hound mural on the tank. This is one of the nicest chops around & really represents the style of bike that is popular here in the Heart of Dixie.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Evolution(NOT EVO!)

My '82 Ironhead has had a few changes. All of them a progression to what she is now.
This is how she looked after the initial clean up. Not bad really.
  After my first round of modifications. Pretty amatuer.
  Second round....getting a feel for what I want....just not here yet.
  Closer, but still way off my vision.
Going rigid was a huge step in the right direction....but the "Attack" body position didn't work for me cuz' I typically do longer town it was great though.
   Seat & tank were different, still searching.
Thought I had it all leaned too much...other than that, changed tank,front wheel.bars,seat. Very close to what I had in mind.
Satisfaction!(For now) the seat straight, new professionally painted Frisco'd tank, smaller taillight...still need to shave the legs...but hey, it's the closest thing to the image in my head so far.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A night in the mountains with the Inbreds.

I was invited to spend an evening camping/riding with my friends up in B'ham(Where were you Jeff?). I'll admit my bike was down so I drove my wife's Hyuandai(Ugh!). I was worried about the heat, it was also supposed to rain(Jeff wasn't there)...but we ended up in a great spot, with a nice breeze, and awesome view, & great company. This was a first trip out for the Inbreds R.C.(-Jeff) & I'm honored they invited me out. Moonshine, steaks, smokey treats & plenty of good conversation went down. They've got a great thing going & are doing it the right way, they should be proud(even Jeff). Very good times, hope to have more with them soon(Hopefully Jeff too). Thanks y'all.
"Hey Loaf, you like New York Strip or are you a Fag?"
Enjoying the view.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I went on vacation last week...Smokey Mountains with the Family, cabins, hillbillys,heat?
Seriously, it was over a 100 almost the whole time I was up there. Had fun anyway. I broke off one evening & drove an hour to go visit my buddy Rob. Rob is the founding father of the QuadCamBastards,& a helluva guy. I took my oldest son with me to play with Robs boys while Rob & I talked punk music, bikes, & kids. As you can see, he has a thing for Red Oxide primer, and the Four Cams of Fury! The bike on the right is gonna be cut in half & made a rigid at this years Bash. We are all chipping in with tools and supplies and talent to get it done so he can ride it home at the end of the weekend. This will be done in a motel parking lot/rooms. I plan on documenting as much mayhem as possible. Mike D from Biltwell even sent a very generous care package for the build. If you can make it to this year Bastard Bash, you should do it. Thanks for the good times Rob & I'll see you real soon in Deals Gap!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pump it up.

Got a flat? Order the new "Hippie chick inflate a tire." She looks good on the back, riding or pumping. Ahh, the good ole' days.