Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bash report.

I left home at quarter till' 6am Thurs. morning. 60mi. into the trip my battery died. Got jumped off & made it to WallyWorld & got a new one.Lost about 1 1/2hrs altogether, met up with Jeff & got to riding. Made pretty good time, no real issues other than a delay waiting to meet up with Nate & Andy, they apparently decided to keep going & not eat lunch with us, but we caught up with them in Tennessee.
Their Ironheads were having issues all weekend, one ended up bunching the primary chain & had to be towed home. We partied hard, rode hard, and had a great time with our friends. the Bigwheel race was insane, our French Canadian friend Justin went down the Dragon on his!
& of course we cut Robs bike in half, then it was a long nights work to get it back to a functioning chop.
I crashed out so I didn't get the finished bike pics, it was all done but the wiring/plumbing. I have alot more pics so I'll space them out. I'm off to work on the '71 XLCH engine. Later.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bastard Bash 5 was unreal.

I'll write about it later...for now, here's some of the bikes.
I'll post more later...I took well over 300 pics.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sooo Close to Bastard Bash time!

Next Thursday morning I'm heading up to B'ham to meet up with my good friend & ride companion Kustom Jeff. From there it will be a nice ride(knock on wood) to Deals Gap for this years Bastard Bash. Last year was a blast & this year is looking to be even better. I'm having a hard time sleeping...I just want to load up & go! Last year we had a few issues(my clutch was being funky&I broke my oil tank supports,Jeffs stator died on him)but we just fixed what was broke & kept going. Once a year is too long to see the friends that I've made through the QCB forum, but it's worth it. Anyway, if your reading this & can make it up to the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort next week, come on & be ready to ride!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Broke ass brakes.

So the last ride I took my rear brakes gave out 5mi from home. Luckly I run a front brake. Turns out 30yrs is the lifespan of a stock brake line...I'm sure the vibration from being on a rigid didn't help.
The switch junction, this part of the line is still slightly connected.
The other side completely seperated.
I had these Russell lines from my old duel front brake set up.
Thought I'd use them with the three way junction, but it was too cluttered.
So I just used one, but what to do about a switch?
I have some of these handlebar brake switches from some old Hondas.
Made a bracket to mount the switch to my brake pedal adjusting bolt.
Everything nice and small and it works.
Nothing beats a free brake line/switch set up when you're broke.