Thursday, January 24, 2013

One of the many reasons I love the QCB.

A few months back one of our brothers went down in a bad bike accident. Matt's been through hell with surgeries & broken hips & a fucked knee. He is a really great person(as are most of our members) & was dealt a shitty hand. As you could imagine, going from riding everyday to being confined first to a hospital bed then a wheel chair can really take a toll on your spirits. Well, the other guy in the pic Mike made some inquiries to us to see what we would be willing to do. The response was awesome, lots of members gave what they could. So along with many well wishes, today Mike wheeled Matt outside & gave him an aluminum check for $550.....& an engine for his build! We got this engine for him & the cash is what was left over, as you can see he was stoked! The QCB is a family, & this is one of the many reason I love these awesome people!

Monday, January 21, 2013

So far 2013 is kind of a bummer.

I haven't been posting because for some reason, blogger isn't letting me download pics from my computer. I've been sick with the Flu for the last week, which is the worst I can remember in my adult life. I did get my electrical gremlin on my '82 fingered out. It was the Dyna S dying. I threw on a new set of points & vrooma zoom zoom, running like a raped ape again! Work at the motorcycle shop had trickled to almost nothing, not because of a lack of things to work on, but because I'm pretty sure they hired me to get them through the holidays. Well fuck that. I just found out this morning that I got another job working as a mechanic for a golf course. I'll be working on those big fucking crazy mowers with hydraulics and roller blades and shit. Gonna be crazy, better pay & benefits though. Solid hours too. I hear through the grapevine that Dixie Round Up aint happening this year, that was a real bummer to hear. I had a blast last year. But there is another Swap & Drag coming up that I plan on making in March. Anyway, the pic above is my man Mike D's Sex Panther. Too Legit.

Ride Choppers Or Fuck Off!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 is here, big fucking deal.

So it's another year, I'll be turning 37 on Saturday, my chop & my kids have been sick for the last month, Christmas wiped out the savings, & I get to go back to work tomarrow. Whoopee! Seriously though, I had a pretty damn good year. Met some real good people(many of whom will probably end up being friends for life), & had some very good times. The Dixie Round Up was a great start to my year & I'm looking forward to the next one. The Bastard Bash was epic & I don't know how we'll top it this year, but I'm sure we'll try. I missed the BMR(again)& Both Bama Swap & Drags(I WILL make at least one of them this year), but my few outings with the Inbreds were a breath of fresh air
(miss you guys, sorry I haven't made it up in awhile).
This year I'm gonna try to get the '71 all done(at first thought it would be a breeze, life keeps finding a way to make the bike fund shrink), maybe a few small changes to the '82, just finishing stuff really. I'll also be saving for another project, maybe a Shovel or Triumph to chop? Anyway, hopefully this year will be a good one. I hope to see y'all on the road & have a drink & share some stories. Life is just to damned short not to enjoy the little things.