Monday, June 25, 2012

New tank with paint by the OhioFlameThrower!

 Got my new tank back from Steve(QCB) a.k.a. the Ohio Flame Thrower. Went out this past weekend up to B'ham to have Kustom Jeff take some pics of it. It was fucking hot! But we got it done. Here's a few I took from Sat.

Sportster M*ther Fucker!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Took a blog break.

 Been busy doing some top secret shit with my scoot. No you can not see it. Na na. I'll give you a few hint's though...changes.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Proper break in is important...& thanks Jeffycakes!

Scorched & broken.
 On the way home from last years Bastard Bash the Ironhead was not quite right. A little smoke coming from the exhaust on home & did a compression check, 120lbs in front & 72lbs in rear, yikes! So I pulled her apart, I could tell I had some bad valve guides..but also one of the pistons(rear) had a real light brown color to the carbon build up. Typically that's from running lean. I pulled the cylinders, & thank god my dad taught me to always get a rag stuffed in the case before cylinder came completely off the piston. The ring landing on the rear piston had cracked & in some places completely seperated from the piston. All of this was because I was in a hurry to get the top end together before I left for the Bash. I didn't double check ring gap spacing or placement. I think I also had a manifold leak at the rear cylinder. On top of all of this I didn't do any heat cycling to the new top end. Pretty much slapped it all together & took off. Never again. I am doing a proper break in on my top end now...I have around 600mi on it, all good for now(knock on wood). I did the heat cycles, made sure I had proper ring gaps, new valves & guides, changing the oil often. Anyway, if you want it to run right, build it right. Oh, & my man Kustom Jeff sent me some cool stickers. Thanks Jeffycakes!
Left lean, Right balanced.
Pieces of the ring landing.
Front piston wasn't in to bad shape.
Another shot of where the landing seperated.
Jeff is quite the artist.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 So I picked up this tail light off Chop Cult awhile back. FTW(floppy titty women?)...I wanted to replace my Ford tail light cuz' everyone has one. I went to mount it to my sissybar & it angled the tag so much it was unreadable and the light wouldn't shine on it(I think this set up was made to mount on the fender). So I had to modify(chop) it to make it right. No big deal, just cut it up, made a couple of small triangles out of flat stock to give it the proper lean, & welded it back together. A little paint & ta da! New bright as hell LED tail light & bracket sitting proper like on the sissy. Flipper treads water, forever turning wrenches, fast to win? I have no idea what FTW means, but it works for me! ;)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Truimph love.

They have cool names, Daytona, Tiger, Bonneville, Thunderbird. Dependability(before previous owner fuck ups that is), style, class, performance. When I was a kid I remember my uncles '69 Tiger 500 chop... crazy long twisted front end & z bars, loop tail rigid with a camel hump king & queen, all in a gold & black scalloped flake. Bitchin'. They used to be a cheap option for building a sweet bike, now parts have gotten so inflated it's almost more costly to build a Trumpet chopper than American or Jap. Anyway, I dig them, So today I bring you a little Triumph love.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Royalty part deux.

 So after cutting out 2" & welding it back together I got to learn how to re attach buttons and get the seat back on the smaller pan, FUN! It actually went fairly smooth. Here's how it sits now.
New, Proper lean.
Old, holy shit lean.
It's alot of work for a little difference. But I'm happy with the outcome. More stuff I've been working on to follow.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I love my seat. I went through several trying to find something that worked for my big ass. I ended up using this old king&queen from my Dads parts stash. It's comfy as hell, but the main negative comment I would get about my bike would be about the seats lean. It really isn't a dramatic lean, but when you add 4" in the front on a stock raked rigid, it looks like a reclined Lazy Boy.
 I tried bending it and no matter how much force I used only the front of the pan, or top of the backrest would bend. So I figured I'd strip it down & see what was up. Well, I guess they just don't make em' like this anymore. Yup, that's round stock welded inside, this bad boy never needed a sissy bar!
So I cut about 2" outta the back of it and welded it back together. Once I get it all buttoned up, the lean will be deminished.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Maggotface Moe's chop.

Maggotface Moe is one our Finnish QCB forum members. He has been working on his chop all winter. This is the fruit of his labor, a very nice Evo Sporty Chopper. His friend and fellow QCB forum member Alppu made a video of the build which is fucking badass. you can watch it here: