Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ian's Ironhead.

The first person I met in the chopper scene in Alabama was Ian of Americana speed shop. I had made a few exchanges about tech stuff(generators mostly) with him on Chop Cult. Then last year they had the first Dixie Round Up and Garage Company Customs in Birmingham, he needed a regulator, I had one...I brought it up with me & he gave me a Garco hat for my sunburned head. That trip had highs & lows for me. I had my rear fender mounted too close to the tire and burnt up a new tire. Then, my kickstand broke before the evening events took place. I ended up making it downtown for the show...but was leaning my Ironhead on the walls BMX style. ANYWAY.......this is Ians Ironhead. The top pic is how it looked the first time I saw it. Pretty damn cool....but it had alot of problems. Well, fast forward to now (bottom pic)& he has redone & replaced nearly everything on the bike. It won best Bobber at this years Round Up(Dean from Dice magazine judged best bobber) & it totally earned it. Ians a good dude and is doing some killer leatherwork these days.
Hit him up if you need something, his blog is on the sidebar.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tank art.

Every now and then you see one of these old mural style tanks. I like em'. Whenever I get around to making my digger, I'll get someone to do a nice Conan type scene on the tank. Keep it alive for the next generation right?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fully blown.

I would absolutely love to have this jem of an Ironhead engine. Full blown freak out the squares death machine! Supposedly done in the '80's to go in a Star Wars chopper...never been put in a bike since the engine mods/engraving. Crazy.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend.

Well, I'll be out of town for the next few days. Not at BMR....wasn't meant to be for me this year.
If your in the metro Atlanta area and you see my Wookie ass beeboppin' around, give me a wave, a shout, buy me a damned beer, or just flip me off like most folks. To keep this Chopper related, here's a few shots of me riding....and one of me just looking annoyed. Some people think they have a good side, but when your a big fella, I like to think all the sides are good!
 Hope you all have a happy and safe Memorial day weekend. Remember, it's not about your 3 days off, it's about the men and women who gave the highest price of all for our freedoms.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kicking Big Twins in the Nuts since '57.

Here is a great pick of Thomas(Goinsideways QCB forum).
They started dead even, '06 Nightrain with cams, tuning, thunderheader...VS. stock engine '08 Sportster with Rinehart 2into1 exhaust, air cleaner, Powercommander. Got up to around 120, he lead by a bike length. Sportsters....small,fast,and deadly. Chopper Glory!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Saturday part 2.

Chief keeping a lookout for paleface on iron horse.
Since I gave y'all the rundown in the last post, I'm just gonna throw out some random pics from Saturday. Choppers, it's what we do..............................enjoy!!!
Ian working on getting the Shovel into a roller.
My chop hanging with Matts chop out front.
Larrys Pan. Marty says it's easier to start with a good battery.
"Choppers make noise & smell like bacon, I eat bacon."
Kustom Jeffs BadBoy, look for it at the BMR.
Honkeys are funny.
It's a roller!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Saturday at Garco.

"I'm your pusher..."
Saturday I took a little ride up to the new Garage Company Customs shop. It's a little closer to me now than the old shop, but still a 2hr ride if I take backroads. After a little GPS confusion, & me being completely directionally challenged, I arrived. Larry, Spenser, Ian and Jeff were all there...later Matt & Bill rolled in...and while out at lunch the suprise of all surprises, Roadside Marty showed up. "Who the fuck is Roadside Marty?" you say? Well, he's the guy you want to know. He came up to spread a little Knuckle Fever(and some legs I'd imagine). Ian got his Cone Shovel into a roller, this bikes gonna be a fucking tank! Spenser did some work on his Triumph chop, as well as replaced a rear brake plate on his Shovel that Tiawan Teddy tried to kill him with. Jeff was getting the BadBoy ready for BMR(sorry I'm not going with you man). Larry spent 17.45 billable hours replacing the tires and drive chain on a Honda Shadow(Flame tread tires,skull&flame tag cover,bullethole stickers,straight GANGSTER!). I tried to help when I could, but mostly took up space. Ross showed up just before I had to go, so I didn't get to visit him much. I took a lot of pics, so I'll probably have a part 2 of this. Here are a few gems from Sat.
"Yes, I know this chain has a yeast infection."
Spenser adding a mount hole to his Triumph tank.
Roadside's a hugger.
Tiawan Teddy strikes again.
Not sure what Larry was saying, but I don't think Ian & Bill were buying it.
I don't care what you say Jeff, you wanted to use that lift.
"I know a big Bastard like you has a sandwich stashed somewhere..."

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sportster Saturday

                  Butters no bullshit steamroller.
XSSpeeds too legit Ironhead.
Super cool Finnish digger.