Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hillbilly Hangout?

So I guess there is an event shaping up called the Hillbilly Hangout kinda near were they did the first couple of BMR's.....on Memorial Day weekend. Anyone have any official link with an address or website? I've checked & didn't come up with much. If y'all find anything out hit me up with the info!
Ride Choppers or Fuck Off!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm back Motherfuckers!

Man life has been hectic lately. Coaching T-Ball, CubScouts, working full time, & just daily life  has kept me from having content for my blog. I really need to make an effort to keep it going. I met up with fellow chopper freaks the Inbreds RC last weekend for a little riding & goodtimes. It was a beautiful weekend & I couldn't have asked for better company. I try to get up to B'Ham as much as possible to visit,but it sure was nice to have the boys come south for a change.
After a few roadside hiccups, we decided to head to our campsite & start cutting loose a bit. The usual happened, Shine' & smokey treats were consumed, the beer started flowing & I decided I didn't want to be completely sunburned so I crept up into the woods to find something to use for poles to put up some shade. The boys seemed eager for me to wander off. When I got back they had a little surprise for me.
That's right, yours truly is the first invited member since the founding of the club. I was so totally surprised I really thought they were putting me on. So I grabbed up the needle & thread Jeff provided & got that patch sewed on with the quickened hand of an old punk who's sewn a thousand patches over the years. I really want to thank my brothers: Jeff, Ian, Ross, Bill, Whitey.....thank y'all very much for having me! We spent the rest of the evening injuring ourselves, losing shit, eating, drinking & being merry. We slept under the stars next to the campfire & enjoyed a greazyspoon breakfast the next morning. I absolutely needed this for my sanity & it's good to be a part of a club that is about the bikes & riding not politics or posing.
All of my pics were on my cell & shitty so I stole these from Jeffs blog What I See. Check it out, he actually keeps it going fairly regular.......unlike mine. See y'all on the road.
Ride Choppers or Fuck Off!