Thursday, January 24, 2013

One of the many reasons I love the QCB.

A few months back one of our brothers went down in a bad bike accident. Matt's been through hell with surgeries & broken hips & a fucked knee. He is a really great person(as are most of our members) & was dealt a shitty hand. As you could imagine, going from riding everyday to being confined first to a hospital bed then a wheel chair can really take a toll on your spirits. Well, the other guy in the pic Mike made some inquiries to us to see what we would be willing to do. The response was awesome, lots of members gave what they could. So along with many well wishes, today Mike wheeled Matt outside & gave him an aluminum check for $550.....& an engine for his build! We got this engine for him & the cash is what was left over, as you can see he was stoked! The QCB is a family, & this is one of the many reason I love these awesome people!

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