Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm back Motherfuckers!

Man life has been hectic lately. Coaching T-Ball, CubScouts, working full time, & just daily life  has kept me from having content for my blog. I really need to make an effort to keep it going. I met up with fellow chopper freaks the Inbreds RC last weekend for a little riding & goodtimes. It was a beautiful weekend & I couldn't have asked for better company. I try to get up to B'Ham as much as possible to visit,but it sure was nice to have the boys come south for a change.
After a few roadside hiccups, we decided to head to our campsite & start cutting loose a bit. The usual happened, Shine' & smokey treats were consumed, the beer started flowing & I decided I didn't want to be completely sunburned so I crept up into the woods to find something to use for poles to put up some shade. The boys seemed eager for me to wander off. When I got back they had a little surprise for me.
That's right, yours truly is the first invited member since the founding of the club. I was so totally surprised I really thought they were putting me on. So I grabbed up the needle & thread Jeff provided & got that patch sewed on with the quickened hand of an old punk who's sewn a thousand patches over the years. I really want to thank my brothers: Jeff, Ian, Ross, Bill, Whitey.....thank y'all very much for having me! We spent the rest of the evening injuring ourselves, losing shit, eating, drinking & being merry. We slept under the stars next to the campfire & enjoyed a greazyspoon breakfast the next morning. I absolutely needed this for my sanity & it's good to be a part of a club that is about the bikes & riding not politics or posing.
All of my pics were on my cell & shitty so I stole these from Jeffs blog What I See. Check it out, he actually keeps it going fairly regular.......unlike mine. See y'all on the road.
Ride Choppers or Fuck Off!


  1. You earned your place in the club and I am SO happy to have you as a part of it.

  2. Congrats dood, well deserved!