Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bastard Bash

Since I'm not going to BMR, I figured I'd let y'all know about a little party called the Bastard Bash. Every year the Quad Cam Bastards have a get together, hang out, talk bikes, ride bikes, and have a good time. The last couple of years the Bash has been at Deals Gap, an area in the Blue Ridge Mountains that offers some excellent riding. It's not your average biker get together, no organized rides, no bike show, just riding, wrenching, and comradery. The riding is serious, it's very easy to catch a peg or exhaust or hit a little gravel on HWY 129(The Dragon),you also have to be aware of Semis on blind curves, other motorcycles riding beyond their abilities, and"Bro waving"baggers. If you got the balls, come on out, ride a bit, check out some bad assed Sportster Choppers, maybe make a few new friends. You don't have to own a Sporty to be welcomed, we are just Sportster enthusiasts. We do party after the daylight goes...there is a midnight run usually...for the diehard and more sober of us(beware the Bears). Here's the flyer, & a few pics of what to watch out for. Hope to see you there.

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