Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ian's Ironhead.

The first person I met in the chopper scene in Alabama was Ian of Americana speed shop. I had made a few exchanges about tech stuff(generators mostly) with him on Chop Cult. Then last year they had the first Dixie Round Up and Garage Company Customs in Birmingham, he needed a regulator, I had one...I brought it up with me & he gave me a Garco hat for my sunburned head. That trip had highs & lows for me. I had my rear fender mounted too close to the tire and burnt up a new tire. Then, my kickstand broke before the evening events took place. I ended up making it downtown for the show...but was leaning my Ironhead on the walls BMX style. ANYWAY.......this is Ians Ironhead. The top pic is how it looked the first time I saw it. Pretty damn cool....but it had alot of problems. Well, fast forward to now (bottom pic)& he has redone & replaced nearly everything on the bike. It won best Bobber at this years Round Up(Dean from Dice magazine judged best bobber) & it totally earned it. Ians a good dude and is doing some killer leatherwork these days.
Hit him up if you need something, his blog is on the sidebar.

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