Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bash report.

I left home at quarter till' 6am Thurs. morning. 60mi. into the trip my battery died. Got jumped off & made it to WallyWorld & got a new one.Lost about 1 1/2hrs altogether, met up with Jeff & got to riding. Made pretty good time, no real issues other than a delay waiting to meet up with Nate & Andy, they apparently decided to keep going & not eat lunch with us, but we caught up with them in Tennessee.
Their Ironheads were having issues all weekend, one ended up bunching the primary chain & had to be towed home. We partied hard, rode hard, and had a great time with our friends. the Bigwheel race was insane, our French Canadian friend Justin went down the Dragon on his!
& of course we cut Robs bike in half, then it was a long nights work to get it back to a functioning chop.
I crashed out so I didn't get the finished bike pics, it was all done but the wiring/plumbing. I have alot more pics so I'll space them out. I'm off to work on the '71 XLCH engine. Later.

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