Thursday, August 2, 2012

Broke ass brakes.

So the last ride I took my rear brakes gave out 5mi from home. Luckly I run a front brake. Turns out 30yrs is the lifespan of a stock brake line...I'm sure the vibration from being on a rigid didn't help.
The switch junction, this part of the line is still slightly connected.
The other side completely seperated.
I had these Russell lines from my old duel front brake set up.
Thought I'd use them with the three way junction, but it was too cluttered.
So I just used one, but what to do about a switch?
I have some of these handlebar brake switches from some old Hondas.
Made a bracket to mount the switch to my brake pedal adjusting bolt.
Everything nice and small and it works.
Nothing beats a free brake line/switch set up when you're broke.

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