Sunday, June 3, 2012


I love my seat. I went through several trying to find something that worked for my big ass. I ended up using this old king&queen from my Dads parts stash. It's comfy as hell, but the main negative comment I would get about my bike would be about the seats lean. It really isn't a dramatic lean, but when you add 4" in the front on a stock raked rigid, it looks like a reclined Lazy Boy.
 I tried bending it and no matter how much force I used only the front of the pan, or top of the backrest would bend. So I figured I'd strip it down & see what was up. Well, I guess they just don't make em' like this anymore. Yup, that's round stock welded inside, this bad boy never needed a sissy bar!
So I cut about 2" outta the back of it and welded it back together. Once I get it all buttoned up, the lean will be deminished.

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