Friday, June 8, 2012

Truimph love.

They have cool names, Daytona, Tiger, Bonneville, Thunderbird. Dependability(before previous owner fuck ups that is), style, class, performance. When I was a kid I remember my uncles '69 Tiger 500 chop... crazy long twisted front end & z bars, loop tail rigid with a camel hump king & queen, all in a gold & black scalloped flake. Bitchin'. They used to be a cheap option for building a sweet bike, now parts have gotten so inflated it's almost more costly to build a Trumpet chopper than American or Jap. Anyway, I dig them, So today I bring you a little Triumph love.


  1. The blue one (4th down) was put together by my Brother Blaine Smith before he passed away a few years ago. I took a bunch of pics of it years ago. I think I had a poster of it hanging in the basement when you spent the night at the house. Anyway, here's some more of it for anyone who cares...

    1. I had no idea...that's actually one of my favorites that I posted. Crazy.