Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 So I picked up this tail light off Chop Cult awhile back. FTW(floppy titty women?)...I wanted to replace my Ford tail light cuz' everyone has one. I went to mount it to my sissybar & it angled the tag so much it was unreadable and the light wouldn't shine on it(I think this set up was made to mount on the fender). So I had to modify(chop) it to make it right. No big deal, just cut it up, made a couple of small triangles out of flat stock to give it the proper lean, & welded it back together. A little paint & ta da! New bright as hell LED tail light & bracket sitting proper like on the sissy. Flipper treads water, forever turning wrenches, fast to win? I have no idea what FTW means, but it works for me! ;)


  1. Forever Turning Wrenches!!!! I'm stealing that, making t-shirts to sell and then I'm going to retire off the proceeds!!!!