Monday, July 30, 2012

You meet the nicest people....

On a Honda. Ha! This is my 1976(Same year I was born) Honda CB500T. Bone stock. It's been in storage since I moved to Alabama from Virginia. I felt bad for it...when I worked for Honda it was a daily rider for it's been sitting & getting dusty. So I've decided to sell it. I pulled it out of the shed, put in a new battery, changed the oil & plugs, cleaned the carbs. It fired right up....still some hesitation at wide open throttle but I know there is still some varnish from bad gas still in the fuel pathways in the carbs. It is absolutely NOT a chopper....not even a little bit. But it's got it's own thing going. Honda only made these in '75-'76, so you don't see many of them around. I actually have a '75 parts bike to go with it.  Anyway, if anyone knows someone who want's a fun Cafe' style bike, hit me up. My email is the bike is located in Montgomery, AL.

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