Thursday, October 18, 2012

Living in the country ain't bad...

You never know when your hot younger cousin is gonna invite her friends over and have to much to drank...then the beer box modeling starts. You also might be lucky enough to live next to a farmer who was a machinist/welder for most of his life. One who's very friendly & will happily weld up your '71 Ironhead cases for some Natural Lite. He might even give you old tools every time you stop by cuz' his vision is going & he "just don't use it no more". I live in such a place. I have this type of neighbor. He rules, & knows more about machining, welding, building engines & frames than I probably ever will. When he started it was all hands on trial by fire training, not like today where you have to take 6 seperate courses at the local vo-tech school & they don't even let you use the machines until your almost graduated. At 75yrs old he still gets out & cuts his 50acres, fixes his own farm equipment(including re-building tractor engines) , works on his own cars, & helps out his neighbors. I hope to be half as knowledgeable & active at his age.

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