Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Evolution(NOT EVO!)

My '82 Ironhead has had a few changes. All of them a progression to what she is now.
This is how she looked after the initial clean up. Not bad really.
  After my first round of modifications. Pretty amatuer.
  Second round....getting a feel for what I want....just not here yet.
  Closer, but still way off my vision.
Going rigid was a huge step in the right direction....but the "Attack" body position didn't work for me cuz' I typically do longer town it was great though.
   Seat & tank were different, still searching.
Thought I had it all leaned too much...other than that, changed tank,front wheel.bars,seat. Very close to what I had in mind.
Satisfaction!(For now) the seat straight, new professionally painted Frisco'd tank, smaller taillight...still need to shave the legs...but hey, it's the closest thing to the image in my head so far.

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  1. Great "Evolution". It's funny the steps we all go through. Looks great Loaf. And you know it's never "done".