Sunday, July 8, 2012

A night in the mountains with the Inbreds.

I was invited to spend an evening camping/riding with my friends up in B'ham(Where were you Jeff?). I'll admit my bike was down so I drove my wife's Hyuandai(Ugh!). I was worried about the heat, it was also supposed to rain(Jeff wasn't there)...but we ended up in a great spot, with a nice breeze, and awesome view, & great company. This was a first trip out for the Inbreds R.C.(-Jeff) & I'm honored they invited me out. Moonshine, steaks, smokey treats & plenty of good conversation went down. They've got a great thing going & are doing it the right way, they should be proud(even Jeff). Very good times, hope to have more with them soon(Hopefully Jeff too). Thanks y'all.
"Hey Loaf, you like New York Strip or are you a Fag?"
Enjoying the view.

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  1. Gotta dig huh? I had to do the family thing kinda like your excuse for missing BMR so I wouldn't say TOO much! ;-) Glad you made it out!