Thursday, July 5, 2012


I went on vacation last week...Smokey Mountains with the Family, cabins, hillbillys,heat?
Seriously, it was over a 100 almost the whole time I was up there. Had fun anyway. I broke off one evening & drove an hour to go visit my buddy Rob. Rob is the founding father of the QuadCamBastards,& a helluva guy. I took my oldest son with me to play with Robs boys while Rob & I talked punk music, bikes, & kids. As you can see, he has a thing for Red Oxide primer, and the Four Cams of Fury! The bike on the right is gonna be cut in half & made a rigid at this years Bash. We are all chipping in with tools and supplies and talent to get it done so he can ride it home at the end of the weekend. This will be done in a motel parking lot/rooms. I plan on documenting as much mayhem as possible. Mike D from Biltwell even sent a very generous care package for the build. If you can make it to this year Bastard Bash, you should do it. Thanks for the good times Rob & I'll see you real soon in Deals Gap!

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